Our web-based C-PACS gives wider access and enterprise sharing of patient images and records which make it a more effective solution over traditional thick-client, server-based systems. As web-based PACS solutions are available with more features, the thick-client cardiology solutions are in exit mode. These features include better interoperability, anywhere-anytime access, remote access to data and images, and reduction of IT burdens. Our web-based systems also enable easier delivery of many healthcare reform Stage 2 meaningful use (MU) requirements.

The biggest clinical benefit of our Web-based cardiology C-PACS is the ability for cardiologists and supporting staff to conduct their daily duties from one system instead of several disparate systems, each requiring a separate workstation. The single point-of-entry allows access to all cardiac imaging modalities and related reports, echocardiograms (ECG), procedural reports and prior exams from any computer with Web access.

Our web-based C-PACS provide the freedom of mobility for cardiologists and referring physicians, regardless of their physical location. This allows new workflows, such as conducting rounds using a tablet device like an iPad rather than a clipboard. The systems allow immediate access to the most up-to-date patient information. Our solution easily integrated to any standard computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems or any HIS or EMR. Immediate remote access to images, test results, and ECGs also has utility in better addressing emergency situations. As a paradigm shift our web-based solution has allowed cardiologist to use their smartphones to do their job just as well from a remote clinic or at home.

   Cloud based Application.

   Any browser, Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime.

  Support of DICOM video files (MPEG2), CATH LAB, 2D ECHO, Etc.,.

  Annotations (linear, elliptic, rectangular, angle measurement, arrows, text).

   Manipulations (windowing, zoom, flip, rotate, pan, magnify).

  Image orientation.

  Hounsfield windowing presets.

   Integration to EMR/HIS/RIS through URL links.

   Measure Hounsfield units at a specific point of a CT study.

  Cine playback of multi-frame sequences.

  Series preview in thumbnails.

  Series preview in thumbnails.

   DICOM export.

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