We are an Indian startup company that specializes in creating healthcare products using artificial intelligence technologies.

As healthcare costs all over the world are growing faster than the income of people. Our mission is to develop modern products that will increase effectiveness of the healthcare and make quality healthcare more affordable.

STATIN is currently offering the configurable cloud-based solutions with expanded indications, including home-based solutions with IoT capabilities, as well as real-time data transmission of heart and lung indicators.

The company, in partnership with the VERITE BIOTECH, will also offer round-the-clock integrated monitoring services to support specific reimbursement requirements. The transition to telemedicine and virtual diagnostics is here to stay. The i-STATIN is a powerful tool for real-time diagnostics and ideal for patients with suspected or confirmed cardiac disease.

The company also noted that its Microsoft based platform is helping physicians to remotely access data to optimize the management of patients during the current pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has quickly transformed cardiovascular medicine with the shift from traditional hands-on care to remote hands-off telemedicine to keep patients and their medical staff safe. i-STATIN is also used for virtual cardiac diagnostics, longer-term chronic care programmes, rural health programmes and post-procedural monitoring. i-STATIN is used as solution to be proven in clinical studies to help reduce cardiac symptoms and increase the quality of life.

i-CCC+ Healthcare Private Limited is engaged in the development and application of cutting edge informational and computational technologies including IoT, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to the practice of medicine in cardiac care units across the world with the objective of making an early diagnosis of critical diseases and improving the overall quality of healthcare which is being provided to cardiac patients. i-CCC+ Cloud is a suite of complete cardiac care solutions and is an IoT based platform that automatically captures real-time clinical data from the diversified connected devices and sends data to the Cloud Platform. This cloud platform also integrates laboratory results, and bedside clinical observations. It then analyses the data in medically comprehensive formats Leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, which enhances the overall quality of healthcare provided to cardiac patients in ICCU’s. Maintaining the quality of a clinical record is of core importance and rigorously undertaken by us and our associated organizations on an ongoing basis. We ensure a quality approach through expert personnel who are having rich and experienced clinical backgrounds across varied domains. We develop automated rules validation, pattern evaluation through alignment with standards as suggested by HL7 FHIR-R4, SNOMED-CT, LOINC, and WHO groups. Through our Quality Initiative (QI), we adopt a greater focus in developing content, resulting in a higher level of clinical accuracy.